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What Trees Can Be Made Into Paper?

Paper is made from processing cellulose or wood fiber, which is produced from pulp. Pulp is obtained by processing wood from logged trees. The length of the wood grain or cellulosic fibers is the most important characteristic in selecting which trees can be used to produce the pulp.

Trees for paper production are generally planted specifically in timber estates or felled from plantations. Trees to make paper are sometimes also used as raw material for some wood products for building materials.


What materials can be used to make paper?

  • Wood. generally paper is made from wood with a lot of fiber content and for some, little water content
  • Bamboo. In countries like China, Korea, and Japan paper is generally made from bamboo, readily available and therefore cheap.
  • Papyrus. Papyrus is a grasslike aquatic plant commonly used by Egyptians for making paper. Egypt, according to historical records, pioneered paper making in the world.
  • Animal skin. Untanned animal skin — primarily sheep, calves and goats — can also be processed into a paper known as parchment or vellum. 


So .. What kind of trees that can be made into paper?

There are various types of wood around the world that are commonly used in the paper and pulp industry. They include:

  • Pine and spruce trees in North America
  • Various types of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus and Eucalyptus Grandis) in Latin America, Spain and Australia
  • Acacia tree (generally Acacia Mangium) in Southeast Asia and South Africa
  • Poplar and Fir Balsam Trees in Canada
  • Aspen tree in Europe
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