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Facts About Tropical Forests

Tropical rainforest is a forest ecosystem characterized by high rainfall, dense canopy and biodiversity. The luxury of tropical rainforests has its function as a climate filtering process and a hydrological process that reflects the microclimate. Tropical rain forests are usually located along the equator, which is sunlit throughout the year. Indonesia itself has the third largest tropical forest in the world after Brazil and Congo. (The Nature Conservancy)


Facts about Indonesia’s tropical forests:

  • Contributing 10 percent of the world’s tropical forests
  • Contributing 10 percent of the number of plant species in the world
  • Contributing 17 percent of the number of bird species in the world
  • Contributing 12 percent of the number of mammal species in the world
  • Contains 10 percent of the total reptile and amphibian species
  • Natural habitat of more than 2000 species of orchids
  • Has a total area of ​​about 97 million hectares


Facts about Tropical forest:

  • About 25 percent of natural medicines are produced from tropical forests
  • It is estimated that 50 percent of plant and animal species have natural habitats in tropical forests
  • 1/5 of the world’s fresh water comes from tropical forests
  • Producing oxygen for 25-30 percent of the world’s oxygen cycle and storing about 229-247 billion tons of carbon through photosynthesis


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