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Behind Forest And Ground Fires

Forest and ground fires have become annual phenomena in various corners of the globe, including in Indonesia, the United States, and even in Europe. Forest and ground fires can be triggered by a number of causes and do not occur systematically, and therefore are difficult to anticipate. (GAPKI)


Elements Behind Forest and Ground Fires (HowStuffWorks):

  • Heat: There are many sources of heat that can spark embers and ignite forest fires, many of which are human-caused.
  • Fuel: Dry climate and vegetation can provide fuel for forest fires.
  • Oxygen: The oxygen in strong winds, fans fires and sparks embers, becoming a crucial  factor behind the forest and ground fires.


What Can Trigger Forest and Ground Fires (Cifor):

  • Natural Factors

Lightning strikes, volcanic activity, and extreme drought can spark fire in subterranean peat seams.

  • Burning Forest for Land Clearing

Burning ground and forests is a popular method among both forest communities or companies  to clear or open ground and forest for planting as it is cheap and cost and time effective.

  • Land Conflict

Various social conflicts often arise in forest communities areas. Dissatisfaction and disappointment over the management of forests could lead to the use of fire as a form of protest.

  • Human Negligence

Many people unconsciously throw out burning cigarette butts or leave smoldering bonfires in extremely dry forest areas that can easily catch fire.


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